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About Us

Background & Business Activities

SANSA Instrumentation and Controls is a Northern California sales firm specializing in the delivery of FLOW, PRESSURE and VACUUM solutions for a wide palette of applications.

Together with our customers, we design long-term strategies to achieve the most advantageous business relationship.

SANSA Controls has developed strategies based on  customers unique requirements. This goal is achieved through solid partnership with our principals and allows us to incorporate the most effective solution.

Our client base spans over different industries, including SemiConductor, Petroleum, Refrigeration.

SANSA History

2011: SANSA is established as a California Corporation in the City of  Sunnyvale

2011: SANSA
has partnered with  Teledyne Hastings in  bringing Hastings Instruments Products to the Northern California customers
    SANSA Instrumentation and Controls Inc
    1296 Reamwood Avenue

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